How to Hang Grasscloth Wallcoverings

In our previous post this week we talked about the benefits of using Grasscloth in your home décor. Its lush and natural texture is perfect for your walls and in some cases your ceilings too. With all the wonderful grasscloth options available here at DecoratorsBest we thought we would share with you how to properly hang these natural wallcoverings.

According to Phillip Jeffries, an industry leader in handcrafted wallcoverings, there are some basics steps you’ll need to follow to prepare you walls as well as your wallcovering before you get started on the installation. Make sure you properly measure the walls designated to get covered. Phillip Jefferies has a great Yardage Calculator online for you to use. You will need to know the perimeter and height of the room as well as the width of the roll of wallcovering.

Next make sure that the wall surface is cleaned and primed with a heavy duty wallcovering primer.  Once the primer is dry you can begin installing the wallcovering.

Phillip Jeffries recommends a clear non-staining pre-mixed adhesive for hanging your grasscloth, be careful not to add too much water to the mixture. Apply the paste to the back of the paper and make sure you don’t get any of the paste to the face of the wallcovering.  If the paste or water get on the face of the grasscloth it could ruin its natural color. It is also recommended that you shade the strips of wallcoverings from light to dark for even shading once applied on the walls. You will need to try and paste, trim and hang each strip one at a time. Use a plastic smoother, not a seam roller to smooth the grasscloth wallcovering.

Courtesy of Phillip Jeffries

For more tips on installing your grasscloth wallcovering visit

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