It's all about the detail with embroidered fabrics

Luxury is back! Whether you want a hint of it to enrich your home or plan to decorate to the hilt, embroidered fabrics are plentiful in the designer showrooms.  Its rich and intricate patterns, gives a unique flavor to any room they are in. Previously embroidered fabrics were used primarily for drapery and pillows, but in today’s market new patterns are stitched onto durable cotton and linen for upholstery use too. Whether your home decor is traditional or modern, there is a wide selection of embroidered fabrics at your disposal.

Embroidered fabrics are rich in history, they can be traced back as early as ancient Egypt and China.  These vibrant pattern-based fabrics usually feature floral and fauna or animal motifs that push themselves up off the fabric creating a unique multi-textured fabric.

Picture of embroidered sleeve. Courtesy of Pierre Frey.

Fadini Borghi is world renowned for its fine collection of embroidered patterns. This finely stitched design is so beautiful that it can work for either your home or your wardrobe!

Fadini Borghi fabric at DecoratorsBest

Beacon Hill, known for traditional and elegant patterns features luxurious silks with finely stitched archival floral patterns. Some of these silks are ideal for both occasional chairs and drapery.

Beacon Hill Fabrics at DecoratorsBest

One of my favorite collections is Duralee’s “Mateo”. Using a ground fabric of heavy 100% cotton, these textiles add a modern touch to embroidery.  Heavily stitched florals and large geometrics are the hallmark of this group.

Duralee Fabrics at DecoratorsBest
Duralee Fabrics at DecoratorsBest

Want to learn more about embroidered fabrics, than view our embroidery fabrics at DecoratorsBest.

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