Tips: Working With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is one of the most important features for decorating your home.  Capable of adding tone and warmth to a room, as well as height and depth, wallpaper is an expansive medium that establishes how the rest of a room will look.

If you’re interested in a decorating project involving wallpaper, then it’s important that you understand  the differences of how to work with each of the types and styles of wallpaper.

Vinyl Coated Wallpaper: these are treated with either acrylic vinyl or polyvinyl chloride, making them highly resistant to humidity and grease, and very easy to clean.  Consider them for a bathroom, kitchen or basement.  And these are recyclable!

Scalamandre Vinyl Coated Paper at DecoratorsBest
Jolie Papier at DecoratorsBest

Chintz Wallpaper: these patterns are made to imitate cotton chintz form.

Ralph Lauren Wallpaper at DecoratorsBest

Embossed: the design side of the paper is raised and the reverse side is hollow.

Scalamandre Wallpaper at DecoratorsBest

English Wallpaper: typically a very thin wallpaper that usually needs a lining. English wallpaper reflects a wide variety of styles and patterns, from vintage aristocratic patterns to elegant modern ones exemplifying a casual elegance.

Cole & Sons at DecoratorsBest
Cole & Sons at DecoratorsBest

Some rooms might require some assistance in hanging wallpaper, especially where staircases and cathedral ceilings are involved. We also advise that if there is a particularly complicated pattern on the wallpaper it might be easier to have a professional paperhanger install the wallpaper to make sure that the patterns line up correctly.  You’ll also want to inspect the walls in which the wallpaper will lay to make sure they are flat and smooth, if  not you might want to go with an embossed or textured wallpaper.

Make sure there is an accurate measurement of the walls. Measurements will needed to be taken in feet rounding up the the next half or whole foot.  Add the length of the walls that needs to be covered and then multiply the number you get by the height of your ceiling.

Take a look at this great 3D room created by the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers, Inc.

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