How to Incorporate Floral Prints into your Home

As we mentioned in our previous post, florals are a romantic, feminine pattern that’s coming on strong this season. Large floral patterns make a bold statement in a room.  However, there are many styles of florals today including abstracts, graphics and impressionist.

With the quickly approaching royal wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton on the other side of the pond, we wanted to take the opportunity to showcase some beautiful and courtly English country floral patterns.

Image from The Home Furnishing Blog
Available in fabric and wallpaper from Decorator’s Best.

The English mix and mix and mix patterns. Perhaps the owners inherited various pieces of furniture from their ancestors, whatever the reason, I recommend using up to 3 patterns in a room of different scale. Use one large pattern, a medium one and a small one

Small floral patterns mix together well, making a small room appear spacious.  Try to limit your floral print pattern with the plain surfaces on walls, floors, sheets or curtains. Most florals are beautiful, but dominate a room, so a little can go a long way. Plain surfaces also give you some flexibility in updating your accessories from time to time.

Image from The Greenbrier Resort Hotel

100% linen is divine, but wrinkles. It’s great for a Shabby Chic look or worn English manor look. However, if its for upholstery, then I recommend a cotton – linen blend.  Remember: no matter what season, wrinkles are never in fashion.

Available in fabric and wallpaper from Decorator’s Best.

Pierre Frey’s “Genevieve” was designed in 1938 by Madame Genevieve Frey and still looks very fresh and new today.

Image of entrance room in Pierre Frey, Paris

Just remember to keep the design principle of repetition in balance with the look of a floral pattern, as well as cohesion with the floral pattern and plain surfaces.
Available in fabric and wallpaper from Decorator’s Best.

Repetition of a floral can work well, allowing patterns to be seen throughout the room. Either use the same fabric and wallpaper or perhaps have a large chair and use some matching pillows on another chair.

Floral patterns are romantic and feminine!  Don’t be afraid to take advantage of it and use other pinks and whites to create a good, uplifting color scheme.

Available in fabric and wallpaper from Decorator’s Best.

Coordinating patterns can be tricky.  We touched on this with florals and stripes in our How to…Stripes postFabricut’s Graphic Florals are still designed with coordinates in mind, making it easier for you to work floral patterns into your home this spring.

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate florals in your home?

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