How to Incorporate Stripes into Your Home

Stripes are one of the most versatile patterns for interior design. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be used in a multitude of ways. From striped drapery that establishes a focal point and comparative perspective in a room to a secondary role as a coordinate for a prominent pattern, this timeless design is indispensable.

Courtesy of House to Home

This above playful room is the ultimate striped space. Masterful in its use of scale, this room shows how to combine several widths to create drama and interest, while maintaining a general perspective of space and proportion.  Here are two options that we carry would work well in your home.

Red and White Upholstery Fabric at Decorators Best
Red and White Striped Wallpaper at Decorators Best

Photo Courtesy of Elle Decor

Rooms with eaves and angled ceilings are unified by the use of stripes throughout. The borders and awkward angles between the wall and ceiling disappear and the space becomes dramatic and enlarged. Notice how the wainscoting beneath the striped wallpaper works to amplify the room’s angles, pushing them up and out towards the viewer.

Farrow & Ball Tented Striped Wallpaper

One of our vendors, Farrow & Ball, has an excellent collection of tented vertical striped wallpaper.

Courtesy of Elle Decor

Vertical striped wallpaper and drapery add height to any room. This optical illusion is ideal for enhancing an older home or apartment with low ceilings.

Farrow & Ball Broad Striped Wallpaper
Courtesy of Pineapple House Interiors

High ceilings are very dramatic yet need to be made more habitable. Wide horizontal striped drapery or horizontal striped wallpaper help change the proportions in the room, add warmth to it, and lower the perspective portions to a more comfortable size. Remember, everything that serves as a strong focal point draws attention away from the ceiling height.

Courtesy of A Thoughful Place

Perhaps a coincidence or perhaps these drapes were inspired by the ones from Pineapple House? As a traditional designer I would have suggested vertical striped drapes to visually raise the ceiling height. However I am very impressed with the use of horizontal stripes.  They are a strong focal point and draw your eye towards the length of the space, thus increasing it.

Pierre Frey Fabric at Decorators Best

Fabricut Graphic FloralsFabricut Look Book

Coordinating patterns can be tricky. One of the easiest and surest ways is to find a two-toned stripe which matches a pattern. Life becomes even easier when a collection is designed with coordinates. Fabricut’s Graphic Florals coordinate their stripes using all of the colors in the florals. Enjoy flipping through their Look Book and our Fabricut Graphic Florals Fabrics to see how to coordinate stripes with multicolored patterns.  Also consider how these floral patterns could work as fabric on a pillow set, complementing the similar, existing striped fabric and drawing the viewer in without overburdening them with too much going on.

What are some of your favorite ways to incorporate stripes in your home?

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