The Why and How to Buying Clearance Items

Do you know the difference between Clearance and Discontinued Fabrics? I thought I would share some design terminology with you and a few tips on buying these.
Clearance Fabrics are first-quality fabrics substantially reduced from the retail price. These become clearance when a manufacturer would like to reduce its inventory of a particular product and sell it quickly. DecoratorsBest sells clearance fabrics because samples are available for our customer
Barbara’s TIP: I always recommend checking the Clearance Section first because of the significant savings. Don’t wait too long because stock sells very quickly!
A shout out to our friends at Beacon Hill for giving us an exclusive on our new Clearance fabrics! I wish I were still decorating my home! Some of my favorites are:

Boucle Squares – Natural
Boucle Squares – Natural is stunning for light weight drapery.
Chelsey; this 100% Linen is ideal for sheers.
Rimini – Port
Rimini – Port.  So many clients love 100% silk embroidered fabric. Now’s the chance to purchase one at an amazing price!
Discontinued fabrics will no longer be available from a manufacturer when stock is sold and the samples are discarded. Sometimes prices are reduced but often they are not. Once stock is sold the only way to find the product is if a retail company has purchased the item. It’s a needle in a haystack finding the fabric!
Barbara’s TIP: I suggest typing the pattern name into your browser and perhaps you will be able to locate it. Type Discontinued Fabric into your browser and there are several sites to view.
At we have fabric categorized and many customers have located replacements by searching the appropriate category.
First-quality fabrics have been carefully inspected by the manufacturer and are flawless. All fabric should be inspected by the workroom making your item. Seldom there is a flaw and manufacturers will only accept uncut merchandise. Take pictures of the problem and email them to your supplier.

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