Fabricut's Stunning Ritz Paris Collection

Click here to view the entire collection

Fabricut partnered with The Ritz Paris Hotel to create a sumptuous and elegant collection of some of their outstanding fabrics from bedroom suites and magnificent public rooms. The formality of many of the fabrics can serve as an accent in a room or as a major focal point. This collection evokes wonderful memories for me!
Featured: Wreath Imperial – Ecru; Wreath Imperial – Cabernet
When I think of glamour, I think back to my youth when I was living in Paris. Being invited to The Ritz for cocktails or dinner was a major highlight of my time there and I fantasized about being part of the Parisian nobility and the F. Scott Fitzgerald crowd galavanting around Paris.

Featured: Belle Epoque – Pearl; Arabesque – Winter
The Ritz is still as glamorous as ever. Last year my husband and I went out for a nightcap during fashion week in Le Bar Hemingway. This small wood paneled room was packed with statuesque models, bearded photographers and world renowned editors. A multitude of languages buzzed through the room and it was a truly memorable evening amidst the glitterati. I hope you enjoy this one of a kind collection as much as I do.
Featured: Trianon Damask – Travertine

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