Wallpaper Makes a Rebound

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The Oughts, meaning the decade leading up to 2011, wallpaper seemed to take a backseat in the design world. Designers and fashionistas alike were very streamlined, seeking simplicity and a cleaner, more contemporary look centered on furniture and art. In more recent years however, wallpapers have been making a huge comeback – and several factors tell us why.

Extra Fine Arrowroot by Philip Jeffries

While wallpaper can run more expensive than a paint job, it may save you more money in the end. Focusing a room around its furniture and fine art is of course very luxurious, but can burn the wallet more than using a splendid wallpaper to accent the room. The right wallcovering can add the cozy dimensions and textural feeling that a paint finish simply cannot do, and can even eliminate the need for high-priced artwork and expensive furnishings. When your wallpaper can give your room a bold statement, there is little need for much else.

Chiang Mai Dragon – China Blue by F. Schumacher

In response to popular demand, DecoratorsBest is adding to our inventory of wallpaper manufacturers, the highly anticipated Jolie Papier collections. Along with the trend of our favorite designers, we are also expanding our category of matching fabrics and wallpapers, used to bring a cohesive look to any room.

Scalamandre’s iconic Zebras wallpaper
will be available as a fabric come 2011! 
DecoratorsBest President Barbara Karpf’s Top Wallpaper Picks for 2011!
Aviary by F. Schumacher designed by
New Yorker Magazine illustrator Saul Steinberg
Baldwin Bamboo by Scalamandre

Ellipse Intense Black by Pierre Frey

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