Roar! Exotic Animal Designs for Fall

When I think of leopard print, I have a different association than most people.  I think of one of my all time favorite designers, Parisian Madeleine Castaing. Her signature robin’s egg blue and use of leopard on fabric, eclectic mix of neoclassical furnishings and carpeting changed the interior design world from the 1920’s and onwards.  Castaign’s distinctive aesthetic vision helped make Leopard a timeless feature for the home. For inspiration and creativity she is a favorite of mine –  her work defines the word “chic!”

Classic Castaign – chic, wild, and timeless.

You can’t miss the new in-depth book about renowned French interior designer Madeleine Castaing – “World of Madeleine Castaing” by Emily Evans Eerdmans.
The use of leopard print has been used in various times in fashion’s history and is making a huge comeback this Fall.

Fashion and interior design often go hand in hand. This Fall they are perfectly in sync – animal prints abound in both worlds. You and your home can look stylish, tame – or wild!

There are endless possibilities when decorating with Castaign inspired designs in your home!

Release your inner animal with our beautiful selection of exotic animal prints. Leopard spots, cheetah stripes and tiger printed fabrics are a trend making a big return to the runways and studios this Fall, and DecoratorsBest is proud to showcase an extensive collection for your convenience.

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