Use Wall Hangings To Give Your Room Character

When decorating a room, such as a bedroom, living room or dining room, most people come to a standstill. Sometimes you just need that little extra something to brighten up the room or make it more appealing to the eye. What a lot of people fail to realize is that wall hangings can be the key to this dilemma. A wall hanging is a tapestry, needlepoint or bound fabric hung on a wall, normally suspended from an iron drapery rod. The designs on these wall hangings vary drastically. They can be any color and any pattern you wish and can add so much to a mediocre room.

Most people never even consider using fabric as art; however, these wall hangings can be used to create murals all around your room by matching and coordinating them with whatever the theme of your room might be. You can, of course, purchase wall hangings at any fabric store around but you can make them as well. If you would like to make your own wall hanging, all you need is a 36 inch long and 44 inch wide piece of fabric (of your choice), a half inch dowel, scissors, a sewing machine, an iron, a ruler and paint or glitter, which is optional.

Making a wall hanging is as easy as one, two, three. First, cut your fabric to the size you want it to be. There is no set size when it comes to this, just whatever your preference might be. Second, measure one inch for the top then fold it in half. Pin it in place then put your dowel through, making sure it fits properly. Then, sew it up to make a sleeve and iron out any creases in the fabric. Third, measure the dowel so that it covers two inches from each side of your fabric, then cut. After this is all done, you have the option of painting the dowel or decorating the fabric with accessories. Insert the dowel into the sleeve, tie your ribbon on the ends and hang on your wall. You now have successfully made your very own wallcovering!

As far as the fabric itself, some folks enjoy floral fabrics, decorative fabrics, solid print fabrics, geometric fabrics or even quilted fabrics. It’s all about what you like when it comes to decorating your home with these pieces of artwork. So, the next time you’re redoing a room or you just get the urge to redecorate, take these wall hangings into consideration, as they are simple yet can contribute a generous amount of character to an empty area.

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