Inspiring Fashion with Thomas Paul

Born and raised in New York City, Thomas Paul started in the fashion business in the nineties as an intern for DKNY.  He graduated from New York’s Fashion Institue of Technology with a degree in textile design and soon after his internship, started his own neckwear collection.  Working on neckwear designs for high-end designers such as Calvin Klein, DKNY and Bill Blass, Paul eventually created his own silk pillow line in 2001.
This collection was originally created in a desperate need for finding pillows that were fashionable yet did not cost more than the couch they were sitting on.  Aside from pillows, Paul also included tabletop, stationery and lamp shades to his collection.
Recently, Duralee began an exclusive arrangement to carry Thomas Paul’s fabric designs.  The collection began featuring his signature Silhouettes and dual colors.  The instant success led to a second collection with vibrant multi colored fabrics.  DecoratorsBest carries all of Thomas paul’s unique fabrics at the best prices available.
According to Paul, being young and in the fashion business can be a struggle.  However, it is important to stand your ground and not let others sway you on your ideas.  Getting other people to put their trust in your concepts gets easier as you get older.  The older you get the more experience people think you have, making it less complicated to stick to what you truly believe in and allow your in and allow your instincts to lead the way.  This motto will keep you balanced, especially if you’re working in the fashion industry.  Just like Thomas Paul, you too can dream up an idea and make it a reality.

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