A Look Inside Pierre Frey's History

In honor of their 75th anniversary as a family business, Pierre Frey’s NY Showroom collated an exhibit of their favorite original sketches of fabrics and wallpapers. Pierre Frey II invited me on a personal tour of this unique collection. A charming Frenchman and recent New Yorker, Pierre shared several family anecdotes with me. As much as I previously appreciated the Pierre Frey line before, he really made their superb patterns come alive and I am truly captivated by them.
Pierre Frey fabrics and wallpapers are known for their unique patterns and will add  inspiration and flair to any room.  Pierre’s grandfather and namesake, Pierre Frey, fell in love with both the fabrics and the designer, Genvieve Prou. She soon became Madame Pierre Frey. In 2004, this lively floral pattern named “Genevieve” was republished and it is one of the most popular patterns in their collection today. 
Left to Right: Pierre Frey II with fabric pattern “Genevieve” and Original “Genevieve” 
Artist: Genevieve Prou 1938
Although the other patterns in the exhibit are not currently in production, they have tremendous appeal as artwork.  Several other Pierre Frey Showrooms with have this exhibit throughout 2010.
Assorted Pierre Frey archival Fabric Sketches
Top: “Oiseleur” (Bird Catcher) 1948 Shown in 2 Colorways: Pink and Green; Bottom Left to Right: “Le Soleil a Moustaches” (Mustached Sun) 1944 “Diane” 1945; Artist for all drawings: Irene Rohr
Artist: Jean-Denis Makles 1942

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