Ask Barbara – Replacement Fabric

Hi Barbara,

We are trying to repair an old favourite. Can you supply fabric to match the attached Ralph Lauren Fabric from 20+ years ago?
Joni H., Brisbane, Australia
Thank you for your inquiry to DecoratorsBest. In general new fabric will not match a 20 year old fabric. Aside from the dye lots being different there is a lot of fading over a 20 year period. What I recommend is replacing either the body of the sofa or the sofa cushions with a complimentary fabric. In your case, a small check, stripe or small floral could work well. Take a look at this wonderful example below:
I do recognize your pattern and I think it was discontinued some time ago.
Please look at our Upholstery Fabric Section for checks, stripes or small florals. For faster viewing set Show More at 144. We can send sample.
For your fabric I recommend 2 patterns:
Ralph Lauren’s Marchand Embroidered Stripe – Sage/Tea is my first choice. It has a tiny flower which compliments your rose pattern embroidered in it.
Ralph Lauren’s Westbrook – Antique Red plaid. This fabric will give a warm, country feel to your sofa.
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(Pictures are appreciated!)

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